Does PEACE decide your happiness?

You Don’t Have To Be Great To Get Started, But You Have To Get Started To Be Great!

You Need To Hear This Today What are your morning rituals to get your mindset in a place to be the best version of yourself? Do you wake up on fire and with passion for life? If not, it is achievable if you change your daily habits. You are only 21 days from changing theContinue reading “You Don’t Have To Be Great To Get Started, But You Have To Get Started To Be Great!”

The #1 Reason For Relationship Failure

I found this article extremely insightful and helpful to my past and future relationships and decided to share with others in the hope that it will help someone else. Most people cite a number of reasons for why a relationship didn’t work out. Do any of these sound familiar: “We fought all the time, HeContinue reading “The #1 Reason For Relationship Failure”

Happy Wife, Happy Life?

If you haven’t seen “A Bronx Tale” or “The Door Test” scene, watch below and share your comments if you believe this still applies today. Is this something men should look for in a woman? If a woman doesn’t do this does that mean she is selfish? The phrase “Happy wife, happy life” is alsoContinue reading “Happy Wife, Happy Life?”

Decide To Change Your Life

Life Is Tough But You Are Tougher!

You must wake up every morning ready to fight for what you want to accomplish. Fight for what you want in your relationships, your career, your spiritual, mental and physical health.

The Game Changers Changed My Life

If you are seeking a change to your mental and physical health, you need to watch The Game Changers. You will learn how athletes are excelling in all sports consuming a plant based diet including football players, cyclists, power weight lifters, martial artists, ultra-runners, swimmers, track athletes and many more. The diet will improve yourContinue reading “The Game Changers Changed My Life”

Change Is Possible With Hardwork & Discipline


Flashback to 1993! My high school football team won zero games the season before. We worked hard over the summer and off-season and truly BELIEVED in each other and what we were capable of as a team. This is one of the games that kept us undefeated for the first half of the season. IContinue reading “Do you BELIEVE YOU CAN ACHIEVE?”

Refocus Your Activity And Your Energy Will Follow