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#102: Don't Wait Until You Hit Rock Bottom Change Through Pain

In this Change Through Pain podcast episode, I tackle the tough subject of why men accept mediocrity and often hit rock bottom while expecting different results. It's not too late to replace a bad habit with a healthier habit to create the life you desire and are capable of achieving. Here is the exercise app mentioned: I'm training with Home Workout and am getting great results. Here are workouts for all your main muscle groups to help you build and tone muscles – no equipment needed.  Challenge yourself! Download the app:https://goo.gl/MxJRdb Visit https://changethroughpain.com/ to join the Humble Man Men's group, Sign up for coaching, Buy Merch, Access over 300 YouTube videos, Sign up for daily inspiration, or to Find Help for yourself or someone struggling in life. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/changethroughpain/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/changethroughpain/support
  1. #102: Don't Wait Until You Hit Rock Bottom
  2. #101: What A Near Death Experience Taught Me
  3. #100: What If Today Was Your Last Day?
  4. #99: How To Prepare Yourself For The Day
  5. #98: How Bad Do You Want It?

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