If you are suffering, do these 8 things daily

Live and give love – Podcast episode

In this Change Through Pain podcast episode, I share a recent Instagram quote about being grateful and loving those in your life right now while you still have an opportunity. RIP Kobe #24 – Gianna – John – Keri – Alyssa – Christina – Sarah – Payton – Ara Instagram post mentioned

Is your age only a number?

In the latest Minute Motivation video from Change Through Pain, I share my journey of growing older and how by changing my mindset, age is only a number.

Focus on loving yourself first through daily disciplines

Ik Ardas Wahe Guru – Be present in every moment to live your best life

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How will setting boundaries improve all areas of your life?

In this Change Through Pain episode, I define personal boundaries, provide examples and discuss why they are so important in order for you to live your best life. Thank you for listening, following and sharing. Instagram post mentioned

Why setting personal boundaries is important to living your best life

Do this one thing and increase your relationships rate of success

16 tips to help you believe in yourself when no one else does

In this Change Through Pain podcast episode, I share the importance of why you must “Believe In Yourself” and why this is the foundation and key to you living your best life. Listen to the full podcast episode below. Thank you Instagram post referred to in the podcast episode below