How To Translate The Behavior Of Others

I recommend reading this book to help you gain perspective on those you interact with and how they communicate and the types of relationships you enter into. You will discover why you struggle with the same behavior patterns that are self destructive and learn how to respond to people that push your patience to the limit. Keep an open mind and challenge yourself to make necessary changes that will empower you and teach others how you want to be treated.

30 Days That Changed My Life

I share the story of my month-long trip to Mexico during my last semester in college that changed my perspective on life and inspired me to devote my life to helping others. I was blessed to meet amazing people, eat delicious and fresh food, take in the beautiful scenery, gain life-long friendships, help over twenty families with home improvements and experience things that I will always remember and helped shaped the person I am today.

Tips To Help You Gain Peace Of Mind

In this episode of the Change Through Pain podcast, I discuss taking the time to pause and look within, if you are not happy in one or more areas of your life. I challenge you to ask yourself 5 key questions that impact your success and happiness which will help you to gain your “Peace of Mind” and realign with your success story.

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