Your New Life Is Waiting For You

Deciding to CHANGE one part of YOUR LIFE or start fresh in all areas of your life is the easy part. The hard part is the fact you must TAKE MASSIVE ACTION by changing your mindset and daily habits.

You must dig deep and FACE YOUR UNHEALED TRAUMAS, mental abuse or illness, toxic conditioning, broken belief systems, or other limiting circumstances and GET HONEST WITH YOURSELF.

It’s when you get discouraged or hit a roadblock as a result of your brain’s automatic conditioned negative thoughts and SELF-SABOTAGE or SELF-DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIORS that the real work begins.

When you are willing to FACE YOUR FEARS, accept your circumstances and the choices you’ve made, FORGIVE YOURSELF and those who’ve hurt you, release the toxic energy you’ve been holding onto, REPROGRAM YOUR MIND to believe in yourself while building yourself up through gratitude and CREATE NEW HABITS leading to a new lifestyle, this is when real change and breakthroughs will occur.

BREATHE through each painful step of the process, have PATIENCE with yourself, commit to daily SELF-CARE and surround yourself with a strong support system.

Stand up and SPEAK YOUR TRUTH, not only to others but to yourself and allow the trapped emotions and triggers to be released in order to start shedding the many layers of trauma that you no longer identify yourself with. Healing is HARD and time-consuming WORK that is necessary to fully experience a whole and abundant life.

Seek guidance through THERAPY, practice daily MEDITATION, focus on ABUNDANCE and OPTIMISM in every situation, BE PRESENT through BREATHWORK and sitting with your thoughts and practice GRATITUDE each morning and evening to start reprogramming your brain.

Take the first step today on your journey to a NEW and IMPROVED and most importantly, soon-to-be HEALED you, living your BEST LIFE.

Let’s hop on a quick call to determine if my services are a good fit for you by selecting “Book Intro Call” to select a day and time that works best for you. Thank you for stopping by and starting down the path to becoming the greatest version of yourself.

In this Change Through Pain podcast episode, I share the 16 things I have been practicing daily to create a brand new lifestyle and start down the path to becoming the greatest version of myself.

I Want To Help You Overcome

If you are looking for tips, tools or advice from someone who has been through some tough times in life, check out one of my 102 podcast episodes. I’ve shared my journey of healing and overcoming divorce, addiction, suicidal thoughts, anger, childhood traumas, bullying, toxic relationships, people pleasing, boundaries, anxiety, depression, ptsd, narcissism, and many more. If you need an episode recommendation comment or send me a message. 🙏

What Makes A Champion?

Michael Phelps won the highest number of medals in the entire Olympics – 28 medals across five Summer Games. Michael Phelps’ Olympics medals tally consists of 23 gold medals – the most Olympic gold medals ever won – three silver and two bronze medals. Why was he such a success? Discipline? Hard Work? The perfect swimmer’s body? The best coaching staff?

The answer is the Discipline of habits. Phelps had many habits which he incorporated into routines. He would visualize the perfect race—each stroke, turn, and finish—before and after going to bed. His stretching regime would start at the arms and end at the ankles. He knew exactly how long his warm-up before each race would take. He listened to the same music before each race.

This is exactly why being a Disciplined man is so important to create the life you desire. Without it, we might not know who Michael Phelps is and he might never have become an Olympic swimmer.

What areas in your life could you be more Disciplined in?

What is one action you can take immediately to improve your life?

What is holding you back from being your best?

Stay Humble – Bradley

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