Cancer Sucks

A wonderful friend and fellow mountain biker will be battling the C word again. After beating breast cancer IO+ years ago and being released from her Oncologist, Sharon recently went into the ER with chest pain. She had been feeling off for a few months now and CT scans confirmed spots on her sternum and both lungs.

She has a long way to go with this battle, is already having to miss work to deal with it, and has to come up with a $7500 deductible. The new year is fast approaching and sadly, she will need to come up with that amount all over again. Living paycheck to paycheck, alone would be hard enough, but missing work on top of that is just too much.

Sharon has been actively donating so much of her precious time to the community for many years. She has such a giving heart and has taken in her great nephew who desperately needed a loving home. We want her and her amazing husband, Jerry, to be able to focus on fighting this disease and loving their family instead of worrying about how they are going to pay for it.

Please pray for Sharon and Jerry and their family during this difficult time.

Please consider donating if you feel called. 🙏

Does Time Heal All Wounds?

In this episode of Minute Motivation, I discuss why you shouldn’t tell someone to just get over it or time will heal. There are so many complexities as to why it takes longer to get over an emotionally abusive relationship than some realize. Watch to hear why this is the case. Thank you!


Do You Want To Be Whole Again?

I highly recommend this book if you are wondering what just happened after ending a relationship with a significant other. The author describes a method I’ve not yet heard of even after six months of daily research on these subjects. This book will be a game changer for so many seeking a solution to their ultimate healing and amazing life that is just over the horizon.

Check out additional audio book resources here:

BELIEVE You Can Achieve!

Your mind is one of the most powerful tools known to man. You have the power to influence your success by simply believing in yourself. There are many examples that prove this to be true and in this video, I share a story of believing and how it impacted an outcome many did not expect. Please watch and share a time when you had a similar experience. Thank you!


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