You Don’t Have To Be Great To Get Started, But You Have To Get Started To Be Great!

You Need To Hear This Today

What are your morning rituals to get your mindset in a place to be the best version of yourself? Do you wake up on fire and with passion for life? If not, it is achievable if you change your daily habits. You are only 21 days from changing the rest of your life and achieve more than you ever imagined. I have achieved this myself through discipline and hard work but I’m living proof. Watch the video below to get started on the path to a new you.


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The #1 Reason For Relationship Failure

I found this article extremely insightful and helpful to my past and future relationships and decided to share with others in the hope that it will help someone else.

Most people cite a number of reasons for why a relationship didn’t work out. Do any of these sound familiar:

“We fought all the time, He cheated, She was too possessive, We didn’t know how to communicate, We were incompatible, We just grew apart.”

After working with couples for over 50 years, I’ve heard all these. And the majority of these people go on to be unhappy in their next relationship.

That’s why, if you’re in a relationship now and things have gotten so bad that you think you might be better off with someone else, you need to pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you.

Follow the link below to read the full article

My Thoughts

I continue to observe people transitioning from one relationship to the next and point the finger at the other person as to why things did not work out. I can recall only a handful of conversations I’ve had with anyone where they admitted their faults and mentioned the work they were doing to fix themselves. Why is this the case? Why do most refuse to look in the mirror and reflect on what they need to work on, improve or hurts they need to heal? Why do they only blame the other person despite the reality they are very likely projecting their insecurities or hurts onto the other person as well?

“You teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop and what you reinforce” – Tony Gaskins.

This article does a great job explaining why relationships fail and fail again a second and third time. It’s no coincidence why the pattern of failed relationships continues long after the current one has ended. What is proven is the fact most humans choose not to change their own habits and are choosing the easy way out. Changing yourself takes daily discipline and very hard work. It’s easier to point the finger and blame someone else or your troubled childhood. I am living proof of the changes that are possible if you dedicate your life to changing your mindset, your story, your habits and your actions.

It’s time we accept being single and learn to heal and love ourselves before we enter into a relationship. The importance of being single is often overshadowed by pleasing others such as friends, family, coworkers or a significant other. Single time is very important to learn what we like, what we don’t like, learn to set boundaries, discover our passions and create success that truly fulfills our souls. We must create a life of happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction before we can ever be fully available to receive the unconditional love of another. It’s also important to appreciate and accept the fact another person is not the reason for our happiness, but rather they are adding value and complimenting our lives.

I implore you to take a step back and look inside yourself and ask if you are happy and love yourself or circumstance. If they answer is yes, I’m very happy for you. If the answer is no, take 20 minutes today to write down what you are grateful for and also what you want to improve in your life. Next, meditate on the blessings and use that energy to visualize what changes you can make to improve those areas of your life. Start with actions you can take to change your beliefs and behaviors. Work on yourself and be an example of positive change for those around you. If you discover through this process that those around you and your circumstances are not improving, it may be time to eliminate certain people or environments from your life.

Life is too short and precious to waste another minute being unhappy or not following your passion. It’s time to decide to change your life. What are you waiting for?

Happy Wife, Happy Life?

If you haven’t seen “A Bronx Tale” or “The Door Test” scene, watch below and share your comments if you believe this still applies today. Is this something men should look for in a woman? If a woman doesn’t do this does that mean she is selfish? The phrase “Happy wife, happy life” is also popular, however, Do you believe the phrase should be updated to “Happy spouse, happy house”? A relationship is a partnership and should be equally shared and happiness should be determined by both parties being respected, honored, appreciated and loved unconditionally. What are your thoughts? Keep reading after you watch the clip about if a man should pump the gas for the woman in his life.


There is a related post making the rounds on the internet about a man filling up his wife’s gas every Sunday night. Thousands of women have chimed in stating they would love this or love that there current boyfriend or husband does this currently. Do you think a woman should expect this from her man? Should she be expected to also “unlock his door” as shown in the movie scene? If something is expected, shouldn’t it be communicated instead of expected? Lack of communication in relationships is the fundamental reason why so many marriages fail. What are your thoughts?

My Thoughts…

I have dated one or two women who did unlock my door and I was blown away. Did the relationship hinge on this one thing? Absolutely not, but by the other person giving their all selflessly and putting my needs first in certain situations, it showed me their true character. I believe in giving your all to your relationship. Love is understanding, compromise, patience, adventure, hope, joy, truth and most of all peace of mind.

I personally had never thought of pumping the gas for my wife or girlfriend unless we were both in her vehicle and pulled up to the pump. There are so many things that I have done or will do for my significant other without her asking. I respect a woman especially if she knows what she wants and asks for it. Communication through both listening and sharing is the key to understanding each other’s needs, wants and desires which keeps the good vibrations in sync. If there is something you can do to make your significant other happy (within reason), I say do it.

If you want something from your significant other, just ask. Don’t expect something without communicating it and then be upset when it doesn’t happen. If it doesn’t happen, ask and discuss it before being disappointed. Each of you must be happy in the relationship, but more importantly, you each must be happy as individuals.

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The Game Changers Changed My Life

If you are seeking a change to your mental and physical health, you need to watch The Game Changers. You will learn how athletes are excelling in all sports consuming a plant based diet including football players, cyclists, power weight lifters, martial artists, ultra-runners, swimmers, track athletes and many more. The diet will improve your energy, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and many more areas of your life.



Flashback to 1993! My high school football team won zero games the season before. We worked hard over the summer and off-season and truly BELIEVED in each other and what we were capable of as a team. This is one of the games that kept us undefeated for the first half of the season.

I discuss the season and team in more detail in my Minute Motivation video on YouTube below.

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