Your life is precious. In loving memory #116

I was inspired to share this message on the anniversary of the death of a teammate who left this earth way too young. We must make the most of our time while we are here on this earth. Forgive, Give Love, Live every day like it’s your last.

Follow these daily practices to take ownership of your life

Learn to apologize in five easy steps

In this Change Through Pain podcast episode, I share five easy steps to give a proper apology and why this is vital to the success of your relationships. It’s easy to say you are sorry, but not mean it, and continue the same behavior.  An apology without changed behavior is as good as getting yourContinue reading “Learn to apologize in five easy steps”

Tips to apologize in five easy steps

Recovery from addictions

Are you struggling with an addiction of any type in your life and don’t know where to start to make a change? If so, here is a great place to start. I’ve signed up and you gain access to an online support community, coaching from Russell with worksheets to guide you through the process andContinue reading “Recovery from addictions”

It’s Time To Forgive Yourself & Live Your Best Life

In this Change Through Pain podcast episode, I share my Instagram post about the importance of forgiving yourself as well as those who have hurt you. I provide several examples of how to do this and how this will catapult your life to the next level of becoming the greatest version of yourself.  Podcast episodeContinue reading “It’s Time To Forgive Yourself & Live Your Best Life”

Who is your biggest influence?

In this “Are you living your best life tips” episode, I challenge you to look closely at who you spend your time with and evaluate if it’s a healthy relationship. Much Love – Bradley

Forgiving is the secret to living your best life.

Are you feeling stuck with your 2020 goals?

Do you feel stuck and unable to make progress accomplishing your goals?

In this episode of “Are you living your best life?”, I share tips to help you discover who you are and heal past hurts in order to realize your purpose and passion.