5 New Podcast Episodes

#103: Men – Have You Settled In Life? Change Through Pain

In this Change Through Pain podcast episode, I ask men if they are happy with the life they are living and invite them to take a hard look at if they created this life or simply settled.  🚨ATTENTION MEN:  If you are a man who is tired, depressed, sad, angry, lost and without purpose, this program is for you. You will gain confidence, become disciplined, define your core values, and learn to live on purpose with passion. Sign up Today: https://changethroughpain.com/man-on-a-mission/ Join Humble Man Men's Group https://changethroughpain.com/humbleman/ Stay Humble 🙏 — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/changethroughpain/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/changethroughpain/support
  1. #103: Men – Have You Settled In Life?
  2. #102: Don't Wait Until You Hit Rock Bottom
  3. #101: What A Near Death Experience Taught Me
  4. #100: What If Today Was Your Last Day?
  5. #99: How To Prepare Yourself For The Day

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