It Is Possible To Live Every Moment With Passion & High Energy

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Are You Living Fully Present?

The Secret To Living A Fulfilled Life

In this episode of the Change Through Pain podcast, I discuss how sacrifice means something different to people from all walks of life and is measured based upon a person’s perspective derived from their own life experiences and environment. The Instagram Quote Referenced

What Defines Sacrifice?

If You Get Knocked Down, You Must Get Back Up

New Podcast Episode – Discipline Of Great Habits Equals Success

In this episode I discuss how discipline across all areas of your life will help you become the greatest version of yourself. Please Listen, Follow & Share

Discipline Of Great Habits Equals Success

Why Is Understanding Yourself Key To Your Relationships Success

In this episode of Minute Motivation, I refer to three recent blog posts where I discuss how to overcome communication struggles, the roles men and women play, why relationships fail and how to have success by stepping out of your comfort zone. I’m seeking engagement on any or all three of the posts so weContinue reading “Why Is Understanding Yourself Key To Your Relationships Success”

Each day is a new opportunity to exercise your mind, body and soul

What Should You Expect?

We all have expectations of how we view our relationships with friends, families, coworkers and a significant other. These expectations often result in disappointment when our expectations are not met. In this episode of Minute Motivation, I share how our relationships can improve if we change our expectations and are willing to accept what lifeContinue reading “What Should You Expect?”