Men: Do You Want Connection & Purpose?

WHY JOIN Humble Man Men’s Group?

As a part of the Humble Man Facebook group, you will connect with other like-minded men seeking to build a Brotherhood. You will have the opportunity to share your struggles in a safe space, and build community through video chats and in-person in Austin, TX.

The Five Traits That Define A Humble Man:

1) Speak Your Truth – COURAGE: Honesty, Confidence

2) Listen with Intention – FELLOWSHIP: Relationship, Support

3) Hold Space – COMMUNITY: Family, Encourage

4) Be Trustworthy – TRUST: Integrity, Safety, Respect

5) Be a Role Model – STRENGTH: Lead, Commitment, Purpose

You will start making positive changes in your life. We will dive DEEP within to release the toxic mindset and the following behaviors. If you do the work, you will be a brand NEW and IMPROVED version of yourself. Your friendships, professional and romantic RELATIONSHIPS, and most importantly, your relationship with yourself will IMPROVE. This is for those serious about becoming the BEST VERSION of themselves. There is no better time than RIGHT NOW. 12 months from now, you will thank yourself for taking a RISK and stepping into the FEAR to stretch your comfort zone.

ABOUT ME: I wholeheartedly believe something greater than myself led me to start this project in 2008 after a painful divorce. However, I set the project aside, completely forgot about it, and became distracted by my busy life. After continued failures in romantic relationships, battling alcohol abuse, and other destructive behaviors from unhealed childhood traumas in my life, I decided to make this my full-time passion and purpose.

I grew up in Austin, TX in the 1980s and my favorite memory is playing hide & seek with every kid on the block until the late evening. When I heard the infamous whistle from my dad, I knew it was time to get home. I’m the youngest of two children, my parents are still married for over 50+ years, my entire family still lives in Texas and I played soccer, football, basketball, ran track, and threw the shot put, and discus. I had a bad stutter throughout elementary school which made me very insecure mainly due to the constant teasing.

My drinking began around the age of 10 and turned into full-blown alcoholism in High School and continued until the age of 42. As an adult, I married (now divorced), raised 2 sons, and worked for various nonprofits for 18 years. I co-founded an Insurance company, a catering business, and a mountain bike racing team. My free time has included indoor soccer, competitive mountain bike racing, playing guitar (singing), and camping adventures with my sons.

I gained my sobriety from alcohol on January 1st, 2019, and have not had a drop since. Six months later, I started this project after stumbling upon a blog I had started after my divorce; the rest is history. I’m very encouraged and excited that you are here and willing to work on the most important thing on this planet, which is you.

Stay Humble – Bradley🙏

Are You Brave Enough To Stand & Fight?

Braveheart is a powerful example of a man standing tall in his masculinity with purpose and passion while leading his fellow countrymen to fight for what is honorable even if they must sacrifice everything in order to achieve freedom for future generations.
Are you ready to stand and fight for your future and the future of your family? Are you ready to face your own shadow, fears, self-doubt, and self-sabotaging behaviors in order to discover your core values, well-defined purpose, and self-image? Are you ready to achieve your greatest potential in all areas of your life?

If you’re ready, I have created a roadmap for you to follow to become your best self. Select the button below to start your journey to becoming a Humble Man.

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