I wholeheartedly believe something greater than myself led me to start this project in 2008 while going through a divorce. Unfortunately, I got distracted by my new life and never took it seriously. After a recent break up from a long-term relationship and engagement, I realized how lost, depressed and unhappy I was. After continued failures in romantic relationships, battling alcohol abuse, and other destructive behaviors from unhealed childhood traumas in my life, I decided to make this my full-time passion and purpose.

12 months of sobriety and 25 lbs lighter – Right

I decided to stop drinking on January 1st, 2019 and have never looked back. Every day since has been a battle that I’ve been determined to win and through the process, I decided to change my entire life. I’ve committed to studying, learning and growing daily and now use a planner to keep myself motivated, on task and reviewing goals daily. My desire is that I will be able to help others struggling with a similar situation in their lives and provide resources, tools, encouragement, hope and an ear to simply listen when they need it. My door and phone will always be open.