Thank you for stopping by! You are here for a reason and I believe the universe, a higher power or spiritual entity led you here for a specific purpose. I appreciate how valuable your time is and I’m so grateful you are here. I believe you are here because you are willing to commit to becoming the greatest version of yourself, which is inspiring.

I wholeheartedly believe something greater than myself led me to start this project in 2008 after a painful divorce. However, I set the project aside and completely forgot about it and became distracted with my busy life. After continued failures in romantic relationships, battling alcohol abuse and other destructive behaviors from unhealed childhood traumas in my life, I decided to make this my full time passion and purpose.

I am confident you will discover my passion through my writing on Instagram, the blog, my videos, as well as the podcast I’ve poured my heart and soul into.

Please visit each link below to learn my story, watch the valuable and inspirational videos, reflect on the many diverse Instagram quotes that include “from the heart” commentary in the comments and absorb mindfully, the powerful content on the podcast. I created this project as a way to give back, inspire others and help myself grow and heal as a human struggling with many of the same challenges you are.

I’m very encouraged and excited that you are here and willing to work on the most important thing on this planet, which is you.

Much Love – Bradley