As a practicing men’s coach, father of two teenage sons, and sober for almost four years, I live and breathe helping others become their best selves. Each day I wake up with the intention to serve others while also improving my coaching skills by indulging in self-care practices including meditation, breathwork, yoga, reading self-improvement books, and exercise.

I have discovered by showing up my best self each day, I am able to serve others better. The mental health crisis and suicide rates are increasing each year as more people become addicted to the high of social media, the toxic negativity from our media, movies, and music, and the increase in drug, alcohol, and pornography abuse. I want to help positively impact the lives of as many souls as possible.

I utilize a professional coaching application that offers science-based exercises to address mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, relational, and financial health.

My strengths include devotion, intuitive listening, discernment, a calm and comfortable demeanor, and clear and strong communication.

Stay Humble – Bradley