9 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

In this Change Through Pain Podcast episode, I dive deep into 9 signs of a toxic relationship. This includes love bombing, emotional attachment, highs & lows, manipulation, verbal abuse, gaslighting, devaluation, trauma bond, and PTSD. Please find professional help if you are currently in a toxic relationship or have left a toxic relationship.

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The “Secret” To Joy In Your Life

In this Change Through Pain Podcast episode, I share tips on how to bring joy back into your life. If your life is already full of joy, I share tips to help you enhance the joy you currently have. I’m currently ready a book titled “The Book of Joy” and it has reaffirmed that all the daily practices I’m doing are increasing my joy in all areas of my life. This episode will show you that you are capable of choosing to have joy in your own life.

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I’m Lost, Please Help!

In this Change Through Pain Podcast episode, I share 7 practical tips that you can put into practice today to help you discover yourself and the changes you need to make in order to no longer feel lost in your own life. If you are ready to start down the path of your new and improved life, this episode was meant for you.
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