Man On A Mission – Men’s Program


If you are a man who is tired, depressed, sad, angry, lost, and without purpose, this program is for you. You will gain confidence, become disciplined, define your core values, and learn to live on purpose with passion. You will focus on the five traits that define a humble man which will help you become the best version of yourself.

Discipline “Speak Your Truth” – COURAGE: Honesty, Confidence
Dedication “Listen with Intention” – FELLOWSHIP: Relationship, Support
Determination “Hold Space” – COMMUNITY: Family, Encourage
Devotion “Be Trustworthy” – TRUST: Integrity, Safety, Respect
Domination “Be a Role Model” – STRENGTH: Lead, Commit, Find Purpose

Men’s Group

Join the Humble Man Facebook group and start making positive changes in your life. We will dive DEEP within to release the toxic mindset and the following behaviors. If you do the work, you will be a brand NEW and IMPROVED version of yourself. Your friendships, professional and romantic RELATIONSHIPS, and most importantly, your relationship with yourself will IMPROVE. This is for those serious about becoming the BEST VERSION of themselves. There is no better time than RIGHT NOW. 12 months from now, you will thank yourself for taking a RISK and stepping into the FEAR to stretch your comfort zone.

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Stay Humble – Bradley