Marriage, children and finding the humor in it all

Stories and helpful practices to help reduce panic attacks and anxiety

This topic is very important to me as I personally have been living with anxiety, depression and panic attacks most of my life. I’ve noticed an increase in the symptoms through my sobriety and my most recent relationship coming to an end. My goal is to inform others they are not alone and there areContinue reading “Stories and helpful practices to help reduce panic attacks and anxiety”

You Must Let Them Go To Find Yourself

This quote perfectly describes why you must spend time working on yourself and healing past hurts before entering into a relationship expecting to find your happiness and projecting your insecurities and hurts onto another person. We must break the cycle of self-sabotaging our relationships if we expect to be an example for younger generations andContinue reading “You Must Let Them Go To Find Yourself”

Walking Is Proven To Improve Every Area Of Your Life

I’ve been walking daily since October 14th and I feel better than I have in a long time. Any time I feel sad, lonely, depressed or tired, I lace up my shoes and hit the pavement or trail. It’s time to get moving every single day and watch every area of your life improve. Guaranteed…It’sContinue reading “Walking Is Proven To Improve Every Area Of Your Life”

#MinuteMotivation – #NoKittenAround Podcast Hosted by “Kitty”

The Secret To Living A Fulfilled Life

In this episode of the Change Through Pain podcast, I discuss how sacrifice means something different to people from all walks of life and is measured based upon a person’s perspective derived from their own life experiences and environment. The Instagram Quote Referenced

What Defines Sacrifice?

If You Get Knocked Down, You Must Get Back Up

New Podcast Episode – Discipline Of Great Habits Equals Success

In this episode I discuss how discipline across all areas of your life will help you become the greatest version of yourself. Please Listen, Follow & Share

Discipline Of Great Habits Equals Success