Happy International Dog Day

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🚨Men’s Coaching Program Launch-Man On A Mission


15-week personal coach: 6 one-hour video chats, 8 pre-recorded instructional videos for each of the 8 exercises, chat messaging, and email access for the duration of the program. Bonus Items: T-shirt or Hat, Audiobook, Fabulous App, & Journal.

Stay Humble! 🙏

Ik Ardas Wahe Guru – Be present in every moment to live your best life

This song and mantra align perfectly with the concept of understanding that what you are experiencing as you read this is a miracle and you are blessed.

Be present in this very moment.
Be filled with love.
Be filled with peace.
Be filled with joy.
Be filled with passion.
Be filled with purpose.
Be filled with compassion.
Be filled with appreciation.

Accept your journey.

Just be right now.

Give honestly.
Give selflessly.
Give earnestly.

Wahe Guru is a mantra of ecstasy that elevates the spirit. This mantra also draws guiding light and protection around us. Our favorite recording is by Grammy winners White Sun. Fill your spirit and strengthen your protective grace with this soulful mantra.

Much Love – Bradley 🙏❤

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