How To Translate The Behavior Of Others

I recommend reading this book to help you gain perspective on those you interact with and how they communicate and the types of relationships you enter into. You will discover why you struggle with the same behavior patterns that are self destructive and learn how to respond to people that push your patience to the limit. Keep an open mind and challenge yourself to make necessary changes that will empower you and teach others how you want to be treated.

Everything Really Can Be Figured Out

This book helped me to realize that I am capable of solving any problem with the mindset that it is possible. I was encouraged to step into my fear of doubt and keep trying until I find a way. You won’t be disappointed with this book and you might just accomplish things you never thought were possible after you finish.

It’s Time To Become “The Greatest You”

As Trent says “It all starts with you” and that’s exactly what this book motivated me to do. I was inspired to take action and change my mindset and outlook on life and decided to make several changes that have changed my life for the better. In the 4 months that have passed, I have become a daily reader, I exercise daily, I practice gratitude daily, I meditate daily and I have put my heart and soul into this project every single day.

The Secret To Living A Fulfilled Life

In this episode of the Change Through Pain podcast, I discuss how sacrifice means something different to people from all walks of life and is measured based upon a person’s perspective derived from their own life experiences and environment.

The Instagram Quote Referenced

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