BELIEVE You Can Achieve!

Your mind is one of the most powerful tools known to man. You have the power to influence your success by simply believing in yourself. There are many examples that prove this to be true and in this video, I share a story of believing and how it impacted an outcome many did not expect.Continue reading “BELIEVE You Can Achieve!”

How To Maintain Healthy Relationships

Please watch the latest Minute Motivation – How To Maintain Healthy Relationships. In this episode, I discuss why you should make every effort to maintain healthy relationships with your friends and family even while in a marriage or long term relationship with your significant other. WATCH NOW & SUBSCRIBE

Podcast season 2 available now. It will be life changing!

This season will be life changing for so many. Please listen to the first episode below. Thank you! Stay tuned for new and exciting interviews being recorded next week in Austin and follow to get updated when each episode is released.

How Do You Heal From Losing Love?

Healing from the loss of a loved one or from a break up is tough. Today’s Minute Motivation highlights key steps involved in the healing process. Please watch to hear the rest of the conversation. WATCH NOW & SUBSCRIBE

Can You Control Your Mindset For Success?

Today’s Minute Motivation Is A Conversation About Aligning Mindset And Your Capability To Change. WATCH NOW & SUBSCRIBE

What Motivates You To Keep Moving Forward?

Today’s Minute Motivation Encourages You To Appreciate The Many Blessings In Your Life. WATCH NOW & SUBSCRIBE

Are You Connected?

Today’s Minute Motivation Encourages You To Connect With Nature To Discover Your Passion WATCH NOW & SUBSCRIBE

Seeking Podcast Guests for Season 2

If you are interested in sharing your story of how your life changed for the better through a painful experience as a guest on my podcast, please keep reading. Please follow the link at the bottom of this article to access a questionnaire to help me learn your story in preparation for our podcast interview.Continue reading “Seeking Podcast Guests for Season 2”

The Calm After The Storm

In this podcast episode I provide 5 tips to help you through the healing process. Listen here to get started on your journey to healing:

Minute Motivation – Decide To Change Your Life

You are in control of your life and only you can decide to make a change. It can be scary, but a year from now you’ll look back and be so grateful you took a chance. WATCH & SUBSCRIBE Listen Now And Change Your Life