The Formula For Success

In this episode of Minute Motivation, I share several practical tips to ensure success in your personal and professional life which leads to a life of no regrets. Please watch, comment with your success story, subscribe and share with one person you believe will find value from this video. Thank you so much! SUBSCRIBE &Continue reading “The Formula For Success”

Turn Fear Into Success

In this episode, I discuss how to use fear to your advantage. Don’t let fear stop you from stepping out of your comfort zone and achieving your goals. After you watch, please comment on what fear you faced to achieve your goals and share with one person. Thank you! SUBSCRIBE & WATCH NOW

What Motivates You Each Day?

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Are Men Allowed To Have Emotions?


Spread Joy & Gratitude

Monday is Minute Motivation and today I share a story of how I changed my mindset from doubt and uncertainty to a mindset of Joy at the State Fair of Texas. Please watch to get inspired to change your life. Thank you! WATCH NOW

Does Time Heal All Wounds?

In this episode of Minute Motivation, I discuss why you shouldn’t tell someone to just get over it or time will heal. There are so many complexities as to why it takes longer to get over an emotionally abusive relationship than some realize. Watch to hear why this is the case. Thank you! WATCH NOWContinue reading “Does Time Heal All Wounds?”

Do You Want To Be Whole Again?

I highly recommend this book if you are wondering what just happened after ending a relationship with a significant other. The author describes a method I’ve not yet heard of even after six months of daily research on these subjects. This book will be a game changer for so many seeking a solution to theirContinue reading “Do You Want To Be Whole Again?”

Are You Mentally Healthy?

In this episode we’ll discuss the process to evaluate your mental health and steps to take in order to create the best version of you.  LISTEN NOW