I am a men’s mastermind coach. I have two teenage sons and have been sober from alcohol for four years. I want to help as many people become their best selves as I can. Each day, I wake up with the goal of serving others and improving my coaching skills. I do this by taking care of myself, like meditating, doing yoga, reading self-improvement books, and exercising. I believe that if I show up as my best self, I can better help others.

There is a mental health crisis, too many men are depressed, unhappy, and dying by suicide. This is happening because people are addicted to social media, they see and hear negative things in media, movies, and music, and they are using drugs, alcohol, and pornography too much.

My mission is to help men be confident, disciplined, and live with purpose and passion. I use a coaching program that has exercises based on science to help people with their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and financial health.

My strong points are being devoted, being a good listener, having good judgment, being calm and friendly, and communicating clearly and strongly.

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