Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

As soon as you wake up you might say to yourself “that was a crazy dream, what did it mean?”

While you’re awake you are more aware of your thoughts and daydreaming but oftentimes don’t notice the type of thoughts you are thinking.

When you sit quietly and still is when you notice a pattern of mostly negative thoughts that create anxiety, fear, depression, and sadness.

It is in those moments that you have a choice to act on those thoughts or change your mindset and replace those negative thoughts with optimism, positivity, and gratitude.

That is the power of daily meditation and why so many successful and mentally healthy people make it a priority each morning.

When you take ownership of what you think, how you respond, and the daily routine you follow, your life begins to shift and you align with your purpose, passion, and those who support your new way of life.

I invite you to find a quiet spot, breathe, relax and let those thoughts flow while not responding but rather simply observing.

You will be shocked at what thoughts fill your mind.

Focus on letting them go and replacing them with all the things you are grateful for and you will begin to create a new pattern of seeking the good in everything that happens in life.

If you are ready to BUILD CONFIDENCE, BECOME MORE DISCIPLINED, DEFINE YOUR CORE VALUES, DETERMINE YOUR WHY (PURPOSE OR MISSION), BECOME A BETTER COMMUNICATOR, and SET & ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS, click on the links below and start your journey to becoming your best self today!

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