Andrew Tate Speaks His Truth

Patrick Bet-David sits down with Andrew Tate in Madrid, Spain. They leave no stone unturned in an interview that spans nearly 5 hours. Pat & Andrew discuss his ban, Logan Paul, Elon Musk, modern-day manhood, and much more.

Love or hate Andrew Tate, he speaks his truth and does not hold back or pretend he is someone he is not. I encourage you to listen to all or some of the highlights and decide for yourself if he is the man the media has portrayed him to be.

Interview Highlights

3:39 Tate on why he was banned 24:00 on Logan Paul 33:15 on the Paul Bros 48:36 Tate would clarify his comments on corruption 1:06:06 a woman’s responsibility 1:10:30 weak men are dangerous 1:15:58 why he went viral 1:46:47 emotional control 1:58:30 depression 2:15:09 Tates Intention 2:20:42 if he got a second try 2:35:36 why he’ll be ok 2:48:56 dispelling the rumors 2:56:07 on his father 3:31:51 on the Matrix 3:35:15 on his mother 3:46:47 his conservative values 4:00:30 on marriage 4:11:15 haircut story 4:16:30 what it takes to run with Tate 4:34:12 on Elon Musk 4:38:00 on politics 4:44:29 Tates Tenets

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