Is This The Type Of Man We Should Idolize?

Barney Stinson from the television show “How I Met Your Mother”, personifies the type of man who will do anything to convince a woman to sleep with him. Yes the show is a comedy, but what example is being set for young men across our society? I have personally met or had friends who modeled Barney’s behavior and I was not impressed and did my best to distance myself from men who treat women this way.

The first rule of being a MAN, is to know who you are, what you want and to stand firm in your integrity. What you do and what you say should align as you lead by example. It’s not cute or cool to treat anyone like an object that you can use, abuse and kick to the curb. How would you feel if a woman treated you this way?

If you desire more from your life and want to attract women who respect you because you exude integrity, honesty, purpose, discipline and self-respect, then I invite you to sign up for one of my coaching programs and join the Humble Man Men’s group.

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