Why is Pornography So Dangerous?

Pornography is just as bad or worse than a drug addiction considering our bodies are chemically addicted to the high or release.

I do not wish the addiction on anyone because it destroys self-worth, creates depression, and impotence, and creates an unattainable expectation of our romantic partners. The fact that it’s readily available in a few seconds on our phones, tablets, and laptops makes the challenge of breaking the addiction even more difficult.

If we pause and ask the question “Why is it free and so easily accessible?”, It becomes clear that it was intended to slowly destroy our men and society. I believe that sexuality should be more openly discussed with our children as early as considered to be healthy.

If it was up to me, I would eliminate its existence because it’s a low vibrational, destructive outlet that provides nothing positive or healthy for our world.

What has been your experience with pornography? Do you support the industry’s freedom to continue? What changes should be implemented?

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