You must let go in order to fully live your life

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Life is much easier when you don't attach yourself to people, places or objects and you allow life to happen for you. Let things flow through you and accept them for what they are but don't focus too much energy or emotion on one person, place or specific thing. Learn to detach if you are attached to a person or object, focus on non-attachment for what enters your life and letting people or things go that no longer serve you. Listen to your intuition and don't force anyone or anything to remain in your life. Once you master this practice, you will find your self in a much more peaceful state of mind and the things that happen will not affect you as much or for as long. Focus on being grateful for the things that still remain and look forward to the people and things that will enter your life. Live fully in the present and release the past while forgiving yourself and those who you have not forgiven. Choose to focus on the lesson or gift of every moment and you will not entertain sadness, fear or anxiety as options in your life. Let go and let love, empathy, compassion and gratitude rule your thoughts and actions. If you need support, guidance or someone to simply listen, send me a DM and let's start the conversation which could lead you on your own journey to becoming the greatest version of you! What are you waiting for? You have so much to gain! Get Inspired To Change Your Life Much Love – Bradley

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I'm at the half way point through this life and passionate about living out my purpose.

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