Meditation will help you level up in life

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Meditation is a powerful discipline when practiced daily. Focus on your breath in every stressful, challenging or anxiety filled situation. This will reconnect you with your body and take you out of your mind and thoughts. By doing this you will become present in the moment and learn to control how you respond or react to the stress, challenges and anxiety. When you feel triggered, take long deep breathes from the nose, hold and release through the mouth. Repeat up to 5 times and sit in the feelings and relax your jaw, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, stomach, abdomen, thighs, calves and feet. Imagine yourself in a peaceful, calm, beautiful place that reminds you of happy and positive memories. Give yourself permission to release the hurts and traumas one by one and forgive yourself and anyone who hurt you. Now accept your circumstances and what you can learn from the experience and plan to do better tomorrow than you did today. Practice daily and work up to 20 or more minutes each session to really dive deep into grounding yourself and working through all 7 chakras. If you need support, guidance or someone to simply listen, send me a DM and let's start the conversation which could lead you on your own journey to becoming the greatest version of you! What are you waiting for? You have so much to gain! Get Inspired To Change Your Life

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