It’s Up To You To Get The Life You Want

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Throughout life we are forced into major life changes by forces out of our control. Some call it God or the Universe while others refer to positive and negative vibrations or karma. All of these powerful occurrences push us to step outside of our comfort zone. The higher purpose is to challenge us to learn a lesson and grow, resulting in making us stronger and wiser. How you choose to respond or react to the challenge, dictates where you end up in relationships, career, hobbies, where you live and your overall quality of life. Part of the journey is making a choice and accepting the result, however also understanding that you can continue to make life changing decisions that can improve your circumstances and outlook. When you train your mind to focus on being grateful in every situation, you will maintain an optimal energy that will connect you with the people and events you need to stay on the path intended for your growth. Spend more time in appreciation and serving others and everything else will fall into place. There will be difficult days, however, accept the purpose and try not to get caught up understanding why it happened and ask what is this teaching me. If you have an open mindset always willing to learn and grow, the small things in life will become the most beautiful and influential. Meditate daily on gratitude, love, forgiveness and your vision for what you want out of life that defines purpose. Stay focused on observing instead of reacting to your thoughts and what happens for you. Be patient and listen before you speak. These daily disciplines will help you create a life of peace, happiness and purpose. What are you waiting for? Take action today. Get Inspired To Change Your Life

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I'm at the half way point through this life and passionate about living out my purpose.

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