Tips To Help You Heal From Triggers

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When you are no longer triggered by events, people, places or things from your past, you are on the road to a full recovery. This road can be draining and down right hard, but is more manageable when you take each trigger individually and day by day. If triggered, remember to breathe and ground yourself with the smells, tastes, touches and sights you are familiar and comfortable with. Once you feel safe, you should write down what triggered you, how you are feeling and question if it's true. You are likely telling yourself a story in your mind or have an unrealistic expectation of what is supposed to or might happen. Don't give these thoughts power over your mind, emotions or reactions. Simply observe the thought and your feelings but allow them to pass and think of something you are grateful for such as a loved one or favorite book, song or getaway spot. Take yourself there in your mind and experience those feelings and emotions in your mind. As you continue this exercise each time you are triggered, you will start reprogramming your brain and start healing your hurts and traumas. This will take hard work and daily discipline, but you will notice they will occur less and less. Time does play a key part, but you must do the work of addressing each trigger one by one and rewrite the story of who you are, your worth and value. I also recommend finding a therapist to assist you through the healing process. It's very helpful to have a professional acting as a neutral party to provide insight and perspective. Don't be afraid to ask for help. You've got this! Please listen to my podcast episode "Healing And How We Handle Triggers" for more insight and tips. Get Inspired To Change Your Life

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