Take Ownership Of Your Life

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Ownership of who you are, your current circumstances and where you are headed is vitally important to your success and happiness. Take ownership of the choices you've made. Accept where you are in life, is a result of those choices. Realize that you are responsible for your choices, but not what happens to you. Step back and observe, what happens to you is an opportunity to learn and become a better version of yourself. Making excuses puts the ownership onto someone else. Stop the excuses and admit what you can do better, learn, and do your best to make the best choice available. When you expect to learn and grow no matter the circumstance, you are more likely to have a growth mindset. This will allow you to keep an open mind ready to experience the good and the bad. Respect the process in order to have respect for yourself and others. You will be more empathetic towards others experiencing a similar journey of growth. We are all in this thing together and need to support one another. Self-reflect daily on what you achieved, what you could have done better and what actions you will take tomorrow to make the day a success. The secret to acceptance of others with no judgment or ego-filled reactions is being empathetic towards others. When you realize that the things most people do or say is a reflection of them and has nothing to do with you, life becomes easier. Don't take things personally. You are responsible for the choices you've made including where you live, career, love interest, diet, physical fitness, friends, what you watch, read or listen to and the list goes on and on. These choices define your success and happiness. Have you taken full ownership in these areas? Take ownership of your life right now by sitting down and writing down the things you want out of life that defines success and happiness for you. If your current circumstances don't align with these things, it's time to make some changes to get you on track to living your best life. Without a plan and action, your goals will forever remain a dream. What are you waiting for? Get Inspired To Change Your Life www.changethroughpain.com

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I'm at the half way point through this life and passionate about living out my purpose.

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