Happy Wife, Happy Life?

If you haven’t seen “A Bronx Tale” or “The Door Test” scene, watch below and share your comments if you believe this still applies today. Is this something men should look for in a woman? If a woman doesn’t do this does that mean she is selfish? The phrase “Happy wife, happy life” is also popular, however, Do you believe the phrase should be updated to “Happy spouse, happy house”? A relationship is a partnership and should be equally shared and happiness should be determined by both parties being respected, honored, appreciated and loved unconditionally. What are your thoughts? Keep reading after you watch the clip about if a man should pump the gas for the woman in his life.


There is a related post making the rounds on the internet about a man filling up his wife’s gas every Sunday night. Thousands of women have chimed in stating they would love this or love that there current boyfriend or husband does this currently. Do you think a woman should expect this from her man? Should she be expected to also “unlock his door” as shown in the movie scene? If something is expected, shouldn’t it be communicated instead of expected? Lack of communication in relationships is the fundamental reason why so many marriages fail. What are your thoughts?

My Thoughts…

I have dated one or two women who did unlock my door and I was blown away. Did the relationship hinge on this one thing? Absolutely not, but by the other person giving their all selflessly and putting my needs first in certain situations, it showed me their true character. I believe in giving your all to your relationship. Love is understanding, compromise, patience, adventure, hope, joy, truth and most of all peace of mind.

I personally had never thought of pumping the gas for my wife or girlfriend unless we were both in her vehicle and pulled up to the pump. There are so many things that I have done or will do for my significant other without her asking. I respect a woman especially if she knows what she wants and asks for it. Communication through both listening and sharing is the key to understanding each other’s needs, wants and desires which keeps the good vibrations in sync. If there is something you can do to make your significant other happy (within reason), I say do it.

If you want something from your significant other, just ask. Don’t expect something without communicating it and then be upset when it doesn’t happen. If it doesn’t happen, ask and discuss it before being disappointed. Each of you must be happy in the relationship, but more importantly, you each must be happy as individuals.

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  1. I think men and women should respect each other’s wants and needs to a point. Women should be treated with total respect and they should feel safe enough to share what they want. Men should be willing to meet those needs within reason and vice versa. When boundaries are crossed, something should be said and a discussion should be had and they should meet in the middle.


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