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Forgiveness is the key to peace and a life of empathy, understanding and love. Most of us have been hurt at least once and some of us, so many times, we've lost count. Our ability to forgive allows us to not let our ego control our emotions and respond to the poor treatment in a negative way. When we choose to acknowledge a negative or angry thought and not respond with ego, we are choosing to maintain control of our emotions in a healthy way. Remaining calm and in control of our internal self allows us to maintain control of our external self creating an environment of empathy, compassion and gratitude. Others may respond in a similar manner or simply not understand and become frustrated because they are not getting the desired reaction from you. They are not our responsibility and we are allowed to remove ourselves from a toxic person or environment. Don't feel guilty for making this choice and continue living your life by setting boundaries and making choices that best serve your well being. Accept everything you are faced with each day, allowing you to keep moving forward, regardless what challenges you face. Acknowledge, accept, release and rejoice in the many blessings you have in your life. Let go and release any resentment or anger to maintain a life of truly loving yourself. The time to let it go and move on is now. What are you waiting for? Get Inspired To Change Your Life

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I'm at the half way point through this life and passionate about living out my purpose.

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