New Podcast Available Soon

🎙New Podcast: Season 2 – Coming Soon!🎙

Listen to Season 1 now: 🎧
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Please stay tuned for a NEW podcast series where I interview a variety of everyday people who have battled through life and death experiences and changed through pain to face life with optimistic hope and passion. What an example they set to remind us how precious life is and to live each moment as if it could be our last.

Please listen 🎧 to the first season to learn about the journey that helped create this project including:

  • tips for forgiving
  • importance of meditation
  • mental health check up
  • tips for healing
  • why you should stop making assumptions
  • dealing with triggers
  • change negative thoughts into positive thoughts
  • appreciation of this precious life

Listen now: 🎧

Thank you,

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